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They said that there is something wrong in his knee operation but there is nothing officially until now , hope it’s not true :(

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Real Madridt , we are the Champions !! 
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I’m not ok after jese’s news

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Training today(18.04.2014)

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- I wish i was that cup <3!

Alvaro Morata tried his best to kiss the cup, with helping from Sergio Ramos and Pepe | 17.4.14

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Fabio, Alvaro?????

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rmfan417 asked: Do you think you can get a recording with audio sorry for asking for so much and thank you for even posting any of it :)

I was stupid when I recorded it without sound I don’t know what I feel that time haha but look I think you can find it now in youtube I’m not sure tbh but try ,hope anyone can help you here, help me guys *.*

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Isco and Luka singing 'Hala Madrid' during the Cibeles celebration.

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Real Madrid leads the fans in singing El Himno del Centenario | 17-04-14 
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Copa del Rey ‘14 celebration at Cibeles
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